Building Management System

Proficient Automation delivers complete building automation solutions without compromise on features or capabilities. We first help you determine the capabilities you require. Then we engineer a standards-based solution to meet them. With Proficient Automation you can be sure about total services for complete building automation solutions.

Proficient Automation can execute projects to integrate a specific system into your existing BAS, upgrade your BAS or customize a complete new system. We provide comprehensive services to get you successfully to the end of each project. We can integrate every system in your buildings & operations into your existing BAS. We also provide integration services in several areas including utilities, data centers and production control. Proficient has a team of engineers having high command over the various protocols such as BACNet, LonWorks, Modbus, IP, KNX & other popular protocols & with different brands used in the Building Management System.


Lighting Management System

We provide with a complete web-based solution with advanced communication and easy integration with existing installations. A centralized solution is easy to implement and requires less equipment and easier installation than a pole-based standalone solution. The solution features Central control, complete monitoring, Dimming, Remote metering, Power quality metering, Voltage stabilization and Control room installation. Proficient Automation focuses on Cost savings solution that perfectly combines cost saving and less emission without compromising quality and safety. Proficient Automation in this field provides a very successful, long-term and reliable automation solutions working with Dali, KNX and other typical Protocols.


Energy Management System

Energy management is the means to reduce operating costs and develop a cleaner environment. Energy management is a continual improvement process involving visualizing real-time energy consumption, measurement, analysis and implementation of programs to reduce usage and cost. We strongly recommend implementing energy-efficient and savings processes and equipment. Every business and enterprise can implement an energy management program, which becomes particularly effective when supported with the right metering equipment and monitoring solutions. With hands-on expertise in the field, Proficient Automation has the ability to design and develop EMS with the blend of right skills and perfect products.


Public Addressing System

At Proficient Automation, our expertise is in selection of best and latest superior technology for an optimal acoustical environment. Sometimes this means high quality background music with a consistent sound level everywhere in the listening area. Other times, as in the case of an emergency, it means messages which are received clearly, with high speech intelligibility even when there is considerable background noise. The real reputation of Proficient is for using state of the art technologies in most effective manner for public addressing.


Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm control panels used by us are paired with a variety of customized and effective visual, audible, and textual emergency notification products. These products ensure facility occupants are notified of emergencies and communicate action and direction for the proper response. This aids significantly in the proper accountability of personnel during potential evacuation. There are two types of Fire Alarm system, one being addressable fire alarm system and the other being the conventional fire alarm system. Properly maintaining a fire alarm system is critical to ensure that it will work when it is needed the most. The problem with the average fire alarm system is that it does little more than tell you when it has already been compromised. At Proficient, we undertake both types of fire alarm system and prioritize certain conditions and with the use of best in class equipment deliver what is needed the most.


Networking Solutions

Industrial networks provide strategic value and a very competitive advantage that cannot be overlooked. Well-planned networks can reduce operating expenses, improve collaboration, performance and reliability and deliver flexibility for growth. On the other hand, network issues or security breaches can disrupt production and do real damage.

Network risks are high, including loss of production, equipment and possibly even lives. You cannot afford network outages or loss of control because of overloads or intrusions. Proper assessments, security measures, strategy, design and implementation greatly reduce network problems.

Proficient Automation has specialists offering a full range of highly customizable network services to protect your organization’s most critical assets. With Proficient Automation, you’ll get the reliability, performance, flexibility and security right for your operations.


Telemetry System

Telemetry systems allow you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple level measurement to optimization integrated with ERP, these systems are constantly challenged by emerging regulations, rapid technology change and industrial trends. Without data there is no process knowledge and without effective measurement and information transfer there is no data. Remote process optimization can only be effective when all necessary points are monitored and all data safely transferred to stake holders, whether human or machine. Our telemetry solutions go beyond remote monitoring and control by providing you the means to quickly develop and maximize the performance of your production assets. Proficient Automation always have a solution that optimizes your investment by extending lifetime and increasing production.


Surveillance System

The presence of surveillance system for surveillance will reduce petty thefts and vandalism in large buildings, shops, malls and other public places. The images and videos captured by a surveillance system are often recorded and stored into a database. These are helpful in maintaining records so that they can be easily retrieved later, when needed. Proficient Automation provides with expertise consultancy, design and development of Surveillance System with complete cost effective and reliable installation and commissioning of the system.