PLC Panel

Proficient Automation is highly skilled in the design, development and manufacturing of PLC control panels required for the automation of systems practically in any stream of industrial automation. We deal with Client specific brands when it comes to PLCs since customer involvement and their comfort zone is of top priority in our charts.

Be it new project based PLC control panel or existing panel retrofit, Proficient Automation is the first choice for all the clients who have already worked with us and have experienced the support and service provided by us.



We are highly capable of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of DG synchronization panel. Every commercial and residential sector wants continuous power supply which is made possible through synchronization of DG sets (emergency supply) with mains supply. We are providing DG to DG synchronization, DG to MAINS (GRID) synchronization and Reverse synchronization that is base on load generation in both auto and manual mode. Our synchronizing Panel is designed and manufactured as per IP standards. This panel is manufactured using quality components and the latest control system.


AMF Panel

Auto Mains Failure Panel is one of our specialty and we have been delivery the best in class standard panels for all our customer. We design and manufacture our own AMF panels, often as part of a comprehensive automatic standby power solution which links ATS, UPS and standby generators with remote monitoring and associated security and safety features. The criticality of auto-mains failure system is known to all and the importance of having a robust and well planned standard control panel for the same is very vital for every individual projects. We have been delivering AMF Panels and have procured years of experience in the field.


APFC Panel

Proficient Automation is the most trusted vendor for the supply of APFC Panel at many places across the globe. APFC is used for centralized reactive power compensation at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) of electrical distribution system composed of varying loads. APFC has a capacitor bank sub-divided into one or more number of step(s), which can be switched on & off automatically by using the APFC Controller and allied switching device. The controller continuously senses the instantaneous magnitude and direction of the reactive power demand through line Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT). It generates a signal for switching and turns the capacitor bank on & off to provide the necessary reactive power (kVAr). This achieves the pre-determined value of Power Factor (PF).


MCC /PCC Panel

The MCC panels conform to the international standards and are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. Our manufactured motor control center (MCC) units comprises of Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters, AC variable frequency drives, PLC I/O chassis, Solid-state motor controllers, Lighting panels, Transformers, Analog or digital metering, Feeder circuit breakers, Feeder fusible disconnects.

We are engaged in offering PCC Panel to our clients. Our offered panel is main power control panel which consists of feeder breakers and supply breakers, monitoring devices and control devices. Our offered panel is highly recommended among our clients and widely used in dairies, plastic industry, refrigeration plants, batching plants and chemical plants.


Intelligent MCC Panel

Use of open networks, distributed I/Os, and electronic components is one way of defining an MCC as intelligent. Typically, intelligent systems have fatures like Control being achieved through a microprocessor-based system, Network technology being used to replace hardwiring and some degree of enhanced diagnostic or protective functionality being included. An intelligent MCC is simply an MCC that maximizes the value of the components in a given application. We have equipped ourselves with the latest and the best technology to design and build an intelligent MCC Panel to perfectly suit our customer requirement.