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IOT and Industry 4.0


Internet of Things has become pervasive with the vision of a massively instrumented world of intelligent inputs and outputs communicating using Internet data communications concepts and technologies. We are working with a broad range of emerging IoT applications for health care, traffic control, vehicle safety, energy, agriculture, and manufacturing-to name a few. Applying IoT technologies to improve performance and enable better integration with business systems is a logical step. The application of broadly used IoT technologies will also bring down the hardware, software, and labour costs of implementation just as the PLC did years ago.

Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things is the key enabling technology in the Industry 4.0 focusing on information and communication technology to improve manufacturing. The goal is the smart factory which is characterised by adaptability, resource efficiency, and ergonomics, as well as the integration of customers and business partners in business and value processes. The Industry 4.0 concepts are now being adopted worldwide and we are heavily invested on taking this to next level.

Industry 4.0 for Process

Industry 4.0 for Process is another initiative by NAMUR that applies Industry 4.0 concepts to process automation to achieve a holistic integration of automation, business information, and manufacturing execution function to improve all aspects of production and commerce across company boundaries for greater efficiency. We have full capacity to deliver value anywhere in your initiative, from problem solving to concept, design to implementation, validation, commissioning, qualification and beyond, for the perfection that needs to be achieved.

Hype of IoT and Industry 4.0

Automation professionals have a responsibility to their organisations to understand and guide their employers in the adoption of new technology. We think it is imperative for automation professionals to understand and be the guide in the journey of leveraging these significant new technologies. We understand where we belong in the phase and are ready to be the part of the new change in technological adaptations.