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Software Services

SCADA Integration

At Proficient Automation, we work towards the integration of standards-based and supportable systems to solve problems and improve capabilities for customers and for the same we recommend proven SCADA and HMI platforms. Proficient Automation is an automation solutions provider with an enormous experience in software integration of more than a decade. We’ve been integrating building management and automation systems with proven expertise in distributed control, integrating dissimilar systems and delivering projects of all sizes and complexity on schedule and within budget. Integration across different platform is often a serious problems at various sites we have visited and equally serious and reliable solutions have also been provided for such situation by our skilled engineers..

MEP Design

We, Proficient Automation, perform engineering planning and design in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing systems for facilities and the performance is related to work as assigned. We are at a single-level professional classification responsible for planning and design in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems including developing polices, standards, inspection procedures, and evaluation tools for MEP matters. We basically prepare and review drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for the mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing systems in the facility

MIS & KPI Reports

Proficient Automation handles large amounts of data through a complex data architecture for quick turnaround in managing business reports. We provide data acquisition, extraction, cleansing, processing, mining, reporting, and modelling. The MIS report is management information system report, whereas a KPI report (key performance indicator) provides feedback on the important areas of a business’s operations. To the small business owner every area seems important, but a properly established KPI report gives information on the make or break areas of a business. The report reflects the performance of the measured indicator

Software Upgradation

There are fewer commissions for development of new plants and more opportunities for modernisation projects. As a consequence, there is a demand for efficient system upgrade strategies, and it is growing rapidly. It is estimated that over 84% of end users are planning a phased migration to a new automation system. This means that you need the tools to help them transition while minimising the risk and time involved. We, Proficient Automation has vast experience in the field and are well equipped to the requirement of software up gradation that will require modernisation over the coming decade. We provide functional design specifications (FDS), Control and sequence programming for PLC / SCADA / DCS Software systems, network and communication systems installation, supervision and commissioning services to our customers for the upgrading their system

Control Panel Designing

Panels are a vital link between the operator interface and the field instrumentation and are an integral part of the overall control strategy. Good design is of paramount importance. Proper layout of the panel and efficient use of available space is vital in today’s complex and compact processing plants. Furthermore, to allow for possible expansions, panels must be designed not only for today’s needs but also with the future in mind. Keeping all this in mind our electrical control panels are designed and installed with the control components to the highest International Standards, from design right through to construction and testing. This ensures a consistent, high quality product each and every time. The use of our extensive CAD facilities for all panel designs allows us to preview the panel layout at all stages of the design process and quickly and easily implement any changes. To capitalise on good design we only use top quality components and the highest standards of workmanship throughout our panels. After complete designing and implementation, we comprehensively test all our panels. These tests can include full systems tests (DCS, PLC, PC, SCADA, etc.) if required